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At Green and Happy we go beyond innovating and developing products.
We are a brand dedicated to raising the lives of people by improving their health and well-being through sustainable and responsible innovation.

Revolutionizing health and the way people nourish their bodies, from the inside out.

We invite you to take this journey of personal transformation, one of self-improvement, revitalization and rebirth.

Our team has a genuine desire to serve the whole person: body, mind and spirit, providing an authentic and comprehensive experience that allows you to perform better, do more and ultimately live the life you aspire to have.

People and health are the heart of our company and with great passion we strive to improve and enrich their lives.

Health inspires beauty, beauty inspires people, and this is the essence of our mission.

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Health inspires beauty, beauty inspires people

and this is the essence of our mission.


We constantly innovate throughout the life cycle of the product, to ensure the satisfaction of the wide range of consumer needs, always respecting our environment.

We take the necessary measures to keep us moving towards a better future, healthier and more responsible.

At Green and Happy we are dedicated to offering the most advanced innovation in the field of health, in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

We seek to achieve this goal through the inspiration that the world offers us and the delivery of the highest standards of excellence and knowledge.


We improve the quality of life of people, and the health of our planet and we feel proud to do it.

For this reason, we are actively involved in creating alliances with different non-profit organizations, supporting

the education, empowerment and nutrition of future generations, creating a unique impact and positively and permanently influencing their lives. Our ecological and social commitment goes beyond altruism and corporate philanthropy, it is our social responsibility.

Division of research, development and manufacture

Green and Happy International LLC is integrated by independent consultants from different countries and a wide panel of medical specialists.

Our formulas are elaborated and developed in a safe way, with the latest cutting-edge technology and high standards of quality control.

Laboratory tests guarantee the safety purity and effectiveness of its ingredients in the finished product.

We obey the Good Practices of Manufactures (GMP), required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and we work with the health authorities of each country where we have a presence to adjust to your requirements.

work with us

I provide my personal data incorporated into this form, expressly consenting to the treatment of them to Green and Happy in the purpose and terms described in the Privacy Policy of the Web (www.greenandhappy.net), which I have read, understand and am informed of the rights I can exercise (access, rectification, opposition, deletion (“right to forget”), limitation of treatment, portability) on such personal data.

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